UPDATED July 2021

Clubs, artistes, etc. wishing to use any of my images for internet or leaflet/poster purposes, please contact me direct. My email address is:- info@imagesofjazz.com.
For purchasing prints and all other licensing options please contact Heritage Images, one of the largest and best of the on-line image
libraries in, not just, the UK.

At the moment a large selection of my work is gradually being uploaded. They can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
Then, in the 'Search' box simply type my name, Brian O'Connor. This will reveal all my images. Alternatively you can just type the name of the artist.

As this is a work in progress many photos have yet to appear.
Should this be the case with any image on my web site that you are interested in, just let me know,
quoting the artist name and reference number. Arrangements will be made for the appropriate image to be scanned and your order will
then be dealt with. Apologies in advance for the delay this may cause.


They offer a large selection of sizes, both framed and unframed as well as as advice on all matters relating to the commercial licensing of the images.

AN EXPLANATION: Image sizes in the Catalogue section of my web site vary considerably. This is due to technical reasons during the early set-up of the site.
Thanks to the advance in technology and web-hosting facilities this is no longer a problem. The small size does not mean the original image has a reduced quality.