Ronnie Scott's Jazz Orchestra 2011
The Hawth, Crawley, West Sussex. Thursday, 26th May.
Dizzy at the Apollo. The music of Dizzy Gillespie.
Additional images under individual names.

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34521.jpg34521 MD and sax., Pete Long

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34563.jpg34563 Trumpets L-R: Mark Armstrong : Tony Fisher :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34567.jpg34567 Nathan Bray : Freddy Gravita :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34572.jpg34572 Saxes L-R: Richard Shepherd : Lucas Dodds :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34575.jpg34575 Adrian Revell : Dave Lewis :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34581.jpg34581 Paul Nathaniel :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34585.jpg34585 Trombones L-R: Andy Flaxman : Martin Gladdish :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34618.jpg34618 Piano: Simon Wallace

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34622.jpg34622 Bass: Dave Hamilton

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34627.jpg34627 Drums: Bill Pamplin

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34697.jpg34697 Perc. L-R: Satin Singh : Roberto Pla :

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34698.jpg34698 Vibes: Jim Hart

Ronnie_Scott's_Jazz_Orchestra_34700.jpg34700 Vocals: Iain Mackenzie