Bernie Holland Collection
All images copyright Bernie Holland

Collection_Holland_Bernie_01.jpg 01

Collection_Holland_Bernie_02.jpg 02 With Bert Jansch

Collection_Holland_Bernie_03.jpg 03 With Donovan

Collection_Holland_Bernie_04.jpg 04 With Pete Townsend

Collection_Holland_Bernie_05.jpg 05 On crowsnest

Collection_Holland_Bernie_06.jpg 06 With Chick Corea

Collection_Holland_Bernie_07.jpg 07 With Freddie Hubbard

Collection_Holland_Bernie_08.jpg 08 With Herbie Hancock

Collection_Holland_Bernie_09.jpg 09 Hummingbird

Collection_Holland_Bernie_10.jpg 10 At the Roundhouse

Collection_Holland_Bernie_11.jpg 11 Mike Stevens Band

Collection_Holland_Bernie_12.jpg 12 With Mose Allison

Holland_Bernie_13.jpg 13 Out of the Blue, Watford

Collection_Holland_Bernie_14.jpg 14 With Slim Gaillard

Collection_Holland_Bernie_15.jpg 15 Van Band