Identity Required. Tribute to a failed filing system.
If you know the name, please advise me. Many thanks.

Identity_Required_0317526.jpg1982 0317526 Knebworth. Marshall Royal (Found!)

Identity_Required_0317708.jpg1982 0317708 Knebworth.

Identity_Required_0318709.jpg1982 0318709 With J. Mullen. Carol Kenyon. (Found!).

Identity_Required_0318712.jpg1982 0318712 With J. Mullen. Carol Kenyon (Found!)

Identity_Required_0324318.jpg1985 0324318 Pendley. Dizzy Reece, right. Who is on the left?

Identity_Required_0427211.jpg1986 0427211 RFH, London. Otis Rush, left. Who is on the right?

Identity_Required_0429136.jpg1986 0429136 Lewisham. Jimmy Smith. Terry Evans (Found!)

Identity_Required_0429621.jpg1986 0429621 Wild Bill Davison. Lewisham 1986. The rest?

Identity_Required_0540926.jpg1989 0540926 Perc. with F. Purim, Ronnie Scott's, London.

Identity_Required_0541517.jpg1989 0541517 Bass/gtr. Foley (Found!) M. Davis. RFH, London.

Identity_Required_0541519.jpg1989 0541519 Drummer Ricky Wellman (Found!)

Identity_Required_0645619.jpg1990 0645619 Perc. with Chico Freeman, Ronnie Scott's.

Identity_Required_0646036.jpg1990 0646036 With either I.Carr or S.Turre. Ronnie's 1990.

Identity_Required_0646334.jpg1990 0646334 With M. Coughlan, Hawth, Crawley, W. Sussex.

Identity_Required_0752814.jpg1991 0752814 London. Dave Lee 2nd from left? Others?

Identity_Required_0756224.jpg1992 0756224 The Gun, Croydon

Identity_Required_0756229.jpg1992 0756229 The Gun, Croydon

Identity_Required_0756237.jpg1992 0756237 Pete Long, sax. The Gun.

Identity_Required_0756301.jpg1992 0752801 The Gun. Pete Long, sax.

Identity_Required_0756312.jpg1992 0756312 The Gun. Geoff Castle, keyboards.

Identity_Required_0760623.jpg1993 0760623 What was in my drink? Pizza On The Park.

Identity_Required_0761210.jpg1994 0761210 With NYJO, Ronnie Scott's.

Identity_Required_0761212.jpg1994 0761212 Bill Ashton left. L. Graham right. Middle?

Identity_Required_0761213.jpg1994 0761213 With NYJO, Ronnie Scott's.

Identity_Required_0761814.jpg1994 0761814 Tenor Clef. Herve Sellin (Found!)

Identity_Required_0761828.jpg1994 0761828 Tenor Clef. Herve Sellin (Found!) with Peter King.

Identity_Required_0863436.jpg1995 0863436 NYJO. Ronnie Scott's. Lisa Graham.

Identity_Required_0863502.jpg1995 0863502 Same guy as above.

Identity_Required_0863603.jpg1995 0863603 Ronnie Scott's. Steps Ahead.

Identity_Required_0864109.jpg1995 0864109 Ronnie Scott's. Chris Hunter. Donny McCaslin (Found!)

Identity_Required_0869509.jpg1998 0869509 Roy Hargrove Band. Sherman Irby (Found!) Brecon.

Identity_Required_1083606.jpg2000 With Phil Woods, Brecon Jazz Festival.

Identity_Required_1086809.jpg2000 With A. Ganley, Watermill Dorking.

Identity_Required_1088928.jpg2001 1088928 Surrey Jazz Orch.

Identity_Required_1190416.jpg2001 1190416 Kit Massey, left. Other two? Croydon.

Identity_Required_1190418.jpg2001 1190418 Kit Massey, left. Other two? Croydon.

Identity_Required_1190605.jpg2001 1190605 With Mundell Lowe, Dorking, UK.

Identity_Required_1192231.jpg2001 1192231 Pizza On The Park. With Kevin O'Brien.

Identity_Required_1192313.jpg2001 1192313 Pizza On The Park. With Kevin O'Brien.

Identity_Required_1192320.jpg2001 1192320 Pizza On The Park. With Kevin O'Brien.

Identity_Required_1196101.jpg2001 1191601 Friends Prov., Dorking.

Identity_Required_1196108.jpg2001 1191608 With Dave Newton.

Identity_Required_1196219.jpg2001 1196219 With Lonnie Smith.

Identity_Required_1196224.jpg2001 1196224 At Ronnie Scott's.

Identity_Required_1197500.jpg2001 1197500 London, I think.

Identity_Required_1198519.jpg2002 1198519 100 Club, London. Dave Cliff (Found!)

Identity_Required_1199037.jpg2002 1199037 Laura Fygi's bassist, Ronnie Scott's.

Identity_Required_1200420.jpg2002 1200420 Doorman, Ronnie Scott's.

Identity_Required_1201415.jpg2002 1201415 Syd Lawrence Orch. Weston Park, Leicester.

Identity_Required_1201604.jpg2002 1201604 Syd Lawrence Orch. Weston Park, Leicester.

Identity_Required_1204014.jpg2002 1204014 Isle of Islay Jazz Festival.

Identity_Required_1204028.jpg2002 1204028 Isle of Islay Jazz Festival.

Identity_Required_1204031.jpg2002 1204031 Isle of Islay Jazz Festival.

Identity_Required_1204033.jpg2002 1204033 Isle of Islay Jazz Festival.

Identity_Required_1205104.jpg2002 1205104 Front row: Moule : Wallace : Other three? :

Identity_Required_1206931.jpg2003 1206931 P. Walker, right. Surrey Jazz Orch.

Identity_Required_1206934.jpg2003 1206934 Surrey Jazz Orch., Dorking.

Identity_Required_1209826.jpg2003 1209826 Woody Herman Orch., Brecon Jazz Fest.

Identity_Required_28209.jpg2009 28209 With Empirical, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28330.jpg2009 28330 Street parade, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28333.jpg2009 28333 Street parade, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28790.jpg2009 28790 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28792.jpg2009 28792 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28805.jpg2009 28805 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28806.jpg2009 28806 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28813.jpg2009 28813 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28818.jpg2009 28818 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_28820.jpg2009 28820 With Manu Dibango, Brecon.

Identity_Required_35151.jpg2011 35151 The Woodman, Ide Hill, Kent.

Identity_Required_35156.jpg2011 35156 With the Sarah Ward Quintet.