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IMAGES OF JAZZ in association with MusicTank. Updated April 2018.

MusicTank is a unique, non profit information hub and research centre for UK music business, owned and operated by University of Westminster.

It is an independentthink tank, working to provide cross industry intelligence, facilitating insight and open debate to positively stimulate innovation and change across a radically evolving industry.

It does this through producing insight events, publishing papers, conducting research and consultancy, and occasional short courses.

Recent clients include British Council, the GLA, and Help Musicians UK.

In November 2017, MusicTank was appointed the sole beneficiary of the assets of JazzUK's forerunner, Jazz Services, having produced reports and furthering insight insight into the support and promotion of British Jazz. These reports were authored by leading British black music academic, Mykaell Riley (Director, British Black Music Research Centre) including 'The Value of Jazz in Britain' (Pt 1 and Pt 2) and Jazz in the Media, the outcomes of which lead to a seminal Music Tank debate on the issue of public sector broadcasting's representation of jazz, comparing the policy and practice of state broadcasters in north European countries with the UK's BBC.

Central to JazzUK's work was the provision of online business information with which to further both musician's careers and those businesses working in the sector, and it is with that in mind that MusicTank was deemed the most appropriate beneficiary of JazzUK's archive.

Whilst work gets underway sifting through this content, the jazz community can access JazzUK's Online Music Business Resource here:-


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